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Free Fonts

Need some unique fonts?! Here are some super cute and fun ones - for free!

To download, click on a pink font box below of your choice. A new window will open from DropBox (a free hosting sitethere is never a fee to download) Fonts are available for Mac or PC.

More instructions below~ 

Animal Crackers
Font: Cherub
Font: Composition

Font: In a Hurry
Font: Loving

Ice Cubes
Font: Happy Go Lucky
Font: Hearts

Font: Couch Potato
Font: Crazy Pooch
Font: Dainty

Font: Curls & Swirls
Font: Journal
Font: Fabulous

Font: Beautiful
Font: Flip Flops
Font: Groovy

How To Download:

{1} Click on pink box/font above of your choice, which will open a new window:
  Click the "Download Font" button.

{2} File should show in the bottom left corner of the window, or in your "Downloads" folder.

{3} After double-clicking on the file, a small window will open displaying the font:

Click "Install Font." 

Your new font should show up with your regular fonts 
in programs like Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator. 


What is Dropbox?
(I am not an affiliate of DropBox, just love their services!)