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"Mommy I want a new planet.."

My five-year-old recently told me, "Mom, I just want to live on a new planet."

We were just getting out of the car, into the hot desert 100 degree sun. She really hates 100-degree weather. In some ways, it is truly unbearable: desert life.

And truth be told, other than playing 'Super Mario Galaxy' Wii with her dad on occasion...I don't really know where she got this idea. We haven't talked about other planets, yet...

So I was kind of in awe. How can a little kid think of such funny ideas on their own..? I just love it. I love the innocence of little children.

The other day, I was telling God I felt kind of sad that I would be going back to work soon, and, leaving my little life here. Five years of stay-at-hom mommy-hood has now come to an end, as my little one will start Kinder this month, and for our family's sake I need to go back to work.

Prior to my life as a stay-at-home mom, I worked as a licensed insurance associate, also as a government licensed area director overseeing au pairs, and for 7 years as a marketing assistant for a media group which hosted a local news station and 4 radio stations.

I feel the best years were staying home with my daughter, compared to alllll of my working years.

In the business world, you can seriously be replaced pretty quickly, no matter how many years you put in. If you quit or are let go, there is almost always someone ready to "fill your role" in about 2 weeks time.

As for a mom? That "role" is pretty much irreplaceable.

We as humans have this hungry desire to have parents, have love, and acceptance. We also usually want to 'please our parents.' Sometimes we grow up and realize we can never please them, while some of us have been able to please our parents no matter what. I just really hope... I am pleasing God, and that at the end of this life, he will still be pleased with me and love me..