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Sauté Express... makes chicken delicious

I'm not the greatest cook. I try my best. 

One product I found that I keep going back to are these little cubes by LandOLakes called "Sauté Express" 

They make chicken taste as yummy as restaurant chicken, I swear. 

There are a few different flavors available.. I love the Garlic & Herb ($2.79)

To Use: 
First I heat a frying pan to medium heat and place two cubes in the pan. After they've melted, I place fresh raw chicken strips in the pan, sprinkle salt on each, then cover and begin sauteeing for about 10-12 minutes, turning over every few minutes. 

When thoroughly cooked, I have delicious, juicy, tender fillets that even the picky eaters in my family love. 

The chicken I use matters too... 
Raised cage free, no antibiotics, humanely raised -- hooray! 

If you're a mom on a budget and want something delish for your fam...try them! I hope you will love them too :) 


***this is not a paid review; just a happy consumer review!**