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Organic Fruit & Yogurt Pouches

Maybe it's the 100+ degree temps, maybe it's my body craving extra nutrients, but whatever it is...these fruit pouches make me happy. I love to review products that I genuinely love.

My daughter (2) loves these organic fruit pouches, and somehow I got to trying them and I love them too!! They are incredibly delish and taste nothing like 'baby food.' 

For around $1.40 ea I know she is getting organic fruits, veggies and yogurt. When I'm in a hurry and don't have time for a meal, I'll throw one in my purse for me too. 

Ingredients: (Gerber pouch) 
Organic peach puree, organic apricot puree, organic carrot puree, organic yogurt, organic pear juice concentrate, vitamin C, citric acid. 
"Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth"

AAA+++ rating in our household. Love them! 

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**No compensation has been made for this review. Just a happy consumer sharing an opinion.**