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And Another Thing

I had sent this to my mom two years ago, when my daughter was a newborn (2012):

- - -

And another the farmer doesn't just plant a seed and sit back waiting for it to grow...he's out there watching and still caring for the crop ..and getting things ready and polished for the next..
And I thought about little ambers and how I am like the farmer, and while she is here growing, she will need lots of tlc each and every day....and if I'm sad I'm sure she can feel it so I can't be sad!
You may notice the late hour of this email.
Usually during the day she nurses a lot but I never mind because I'm awake and energized, somewhat! But at nighttime..I'm so tired when I wake up with her I just kinda want her to hurry so we can go back to sleep! I don't rush her, but I don't really sit and enjoy our time together fully.
So tonight, I just stroked her little arm and hand and I didn't even feel tired..I just thought, there will be plenty of years ahead that I won't have a little baby/toddler/kiddo...these years are going to fly by I am sure of I have to and want to ENJOY this time with her. All parts of it. 
I love how at 2 1/2 months she's such a little PERSON..I am thankful I do get to be with her every day and see everything.  "Bills will always be there, but children won't." 
So painfully true!