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Physician's Formula Nude Eye Makeup

I wrote a glowing review here previously for the 2012 Nude Matte Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay (which I L-O-V-E and use every single day!) and I was fortunate to have found a drugstore purchase that compliments the palette and my every-day "smokey nude" look perfectly.  

The nude trios looked gorgeous in person, but would they compliment a "high end" palette, or look chalky and not last...?

After my purchase, I went home and tried right away. Let me just say, I was surprised and absolutely amazed at the quality of both trios. I find I use them just about every day now; and if you could see my makeup area, you would know that is really saying something!

The first trio I got was the "shimmer strips custom eye enhancing kohl kajal eyeliner trio"

super fun, shimmery beiges and smokey black. I use the lightest brown to line all around my eyes, then I go over that with the darker brown, finishing with the black on my waterline and mascara. 

The second trio is called the "shimmer strips custom eye enhancing liquid metal eyeliners"

gorgeous shimmers to highlight and accent eyes. I  put one of the lighter colors in the inner corners of my eyes, and use the black to line the top eyelid.  The brush has a perfectly precise tip. 

So if you have fair-medium skin-tones, love the beachy, shimmery colors for your eye makeup looks like I do, I definitely recommend either of these beautiful trios!!, Inc.