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Being Thankful for What You Have.

I have weird eyes.

When I was young, it really bothered me when some kid would make a comment or make fun of my eyes. Luckily, I guess I was still kinda cute because it didn't really happen that often. But I've been called "asian eyes" and "cat eyes" throughout my life enough to know it's something my daughter will probably endure one day -- as she's 75% a little replica of me!

And one day when she (hopefully) confides in me that someone at school or wherever made fun of her eyes, I will have to take a deep breath, and remind her:

Ambria, you may feel bad about your eyes when those kids say stuff. But your eyes are not weird. Your eyes are perfect. God gave you two eyes to see, and we must be thankful for what we have.
I know it hurts when other people make fun of us; no one likes to be made fun of. But hold your head high little one -- know that you are very loved, very lucky, and let no one's words or torment make you forget the love your family and God have for you.
Your eyes allow you to...

play with your two puppy friends...

watch your most favorite cartoons...

and enjoy every bit of beauty God put on Earth.


Christian wouldn't want you to squander one moment wishing for "different eyes" would he? He was born blind -- he may one day wish he had eyes. His mom and dad love him very much, and will help him be the champion he is through their sacrifice, love and compassion. 
 We must try be thankful for what we have, living the best we can so when we look in the mirror, we can love who we see. We can thank God for our lives and ourselves -- as "imperfect" as they may be.  : )

Lacy & Christian Buchanan.

Christian was born with a birth defect called Tessier cleft lip and palate. This birth defect has only about 50 documented cases in the world. Christian's classification of Tessier cleft caused his eyes to cleft as well as his mouth, which means that he is blind. 

Christian's mom Lacy started a blog and a YouTube video to share their story of overcoming great odds and hardships - for Christian to still lead a very happy life. She shared his story to evoke kindness and compassion for her son, and to help moms like me remember to be grateful for what we might take for granted.

>>Link to YouTube story here.
>>Link to Lacy's blog here. 

"What God has taught me, most importantly, is that one day, Christian WILL know what those people are saying about him, he WILL hear rude comments while he's out in public, and I cannot protect him from that, but I am not powerless. I can teach Christian how to handle those moments, just as I have had to handle them for the last 2 years. I can show him that getting upset won't make it better or make it stop. I can show him that what those people say has no affect on his value and self worth, and does not diminish who God has created him to be, and all the good his life has brought into this world. "  -Lacy B.


Nick Vujicic.

This man has no limbs. He was born without arms or legs.

If you haven't heard of Nick Vujicic... please see his website -
Nick is an AMAZING motivational speaker who inspires thousands of youth and adults around the globe. He teaches through God how good life can be, how worthwhile each person is; and if this man can make every day brighter for others...anyone can!! 

"As a new father, I will serve as the champion defender for my son. I do not want him to be the target of a bully’s reckless comments, but I cannot isolate him in a protective bubble. He will, one day, feel the sting of someone’s deliberate arrows of cruelty. And to prepare him, I will spend plenty of time coaching my son on how to neutralize the comments from an angry peer...The anti-bullying campaign starts in the home with loving parents and should be cultivated by churches that educate families and propagate the love of Jesus." - Nick Vujicic 


Burn Victim.

Dallas Wiens suffered life-threatening burns to his head when the boom lift he was operating near a church drifted into a nearby power line in 2008.
The life-threatening accident and the 22 surgeries that followed left Wiens with a face void of features short of a lipless mouth and a small goatee.
In March 2011, a team of more than 30 doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists at Brigham and Woman's Hospital in Boston worked for more than 17 hours to give him a new face, complete with skin and the muscles and nerves needed to animate it.

Full story here, courtesy of


In closing,

There are numerous stories available on YouTube and other blogs that can lift the soul and help the heart feel happier and more grateful for the simple things. No matter how hard life is, being continually grateful is the biggest challenge -- yet the biggest reward in the grand scheme of life.

I know there's no such thing as being happy all the time. We are allowed to break down and be sad or angry sometimes. The point is control... never letting anger get to a point of hurting another person. Never letting the sadness take away our health, family, safety or purpose in life. Yes, it's okay to feel down. But what do we do bring ourselves back up? I often find the only true happiness and safety in life is having some sort of security, lots of love at home, a purpose in life, and a way to help others.