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{How To} Cover Up a Blemish

Every so often I get a super annoying pimply peering out that I must promptly put back to a near-non-existant state.

Here's How..

Using 5 tools:
  • 1 small concealer brush (Everyday Minerals flat brush or a Lancome #8 brush).
  • 1 medium fluffy powder brush (Ecotools fluffy brush or Sephora #55 airbrush).
  • Creamy concealer in a shade slightly lighter than skin-tone (I like Cinema Secrets or Mac creamy concealers).
  • Cover-up powder (I'm using Mac Studio Fix powder in N4) a shade near or slightly darker than skin-tone.
  • Cotton pad soaked in Witchhazel (around $3 atWalgreens/Target).

{1} Apply small amount of Witchhazel to a cotton ball and sweep over the pimple to help soothe skin. {Witchhazel is fantastic for cleansing and soothing inflamed skin, and is 100% natural.}

{2} With a clean concealer brush, coat both sides of brush with small amount of concealer.

{3} Glide concealer brush over the affected area with a thin layer, enough to completely cover the red.

{4} With your ring or pinky finger, lightly begin dabbing and blending concealer into skin (the warmth from fingers will melt the concealer into skin, helping it look more natural).

{5} Next, take a medium fluffy powder brush, swirl it in powder, and blend blend blend! Repeat blending of concealer and powder until red is completely covered.

Finishing off with curled hair, black mascara, a high-shine lipgloss and bronzed cheeks, all of which will help take away from noticeable pimples and create a healthy glow.  =)

How-to video on YouTube:


If you have more than a few pimples and maybe want to treat the root cause of acne, you must look at your diet and makeup routine.

If you are eating mostly carbs, fast food and a lot of sugar, your body will surely show it's lack of quality nutrients (found in veggies, fruits, organic milk, whole wheat, nuts, flax seeds, etc) and show havoc in dull, inflamed skin.

Eating a healthy diet and drinking water and fruits/veggie juices (no soda, no coffee) will surely help give your body the ingredients it NEEDS to fight off toxins and pollution that our skin faces daily. If you're continually starving your body of "good foods," your skin will suffer. We must personally tend to the health and care of our bodies. They do so much for us!!

It's about an overall healthy lifestyle, day to day --making sure the fruits, veggies, healthy foods are in there with the occasional "not so great" choice like pizza, ice cream, french fries...

To see 15 tips on how to get rid of acne, see this article from howstuffworks, "15 ways to get rid of acne."