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{Urban Decay Naked Basics | Matte Palette Review.}

Okay, I am in L-O-V-E.
I have fair'ish skin, and I think Urban Decay's new matte eyeshadow palette is perfection for the coveted natural, non-shimmery look. This palette is smaller than a stick of deodorant. It's perfectly-sized for your purse or on the go, features a snap-clasp closure, elegant copper-colored case embossed with "Naked Urban Decay Basics" in block lettering, and full compact mirror. Perfect shades on their own, or great as the foundation to set for more dramatic looks. I literally use this palette every single day.

{Weighing in about 6 ounces, 5"x2.5"} {Distributed by Urban Decay Cosmetics, California}

Texture is true Urban Decay: light, silky, luxurious to the touch. 6 Shades - Venus, Foxy, Walk of Shame, Naked 2, Faint, and Crave. The first 3 are very light, nude tones; the remaining 3 descend from a beigy taupe to a dark, midnight brown. Yes, it's small. Some say too small. I say just right. I would recommend this to my makeup loving friends. And hooray - no animal testing!

(which, btw, the cute butterfly iPhone case can be purchased here)

Naked Palette 2        Naked Palette 3       Naked Palette 1

skin-tone swatches, courtesy of Sephora.
If I had to choose to spice up my collection, I would recommend the Naked Palettes 2 and 3. These seem to have the overall color selection any girl *young or older* would need, with highest rated happy reviews (sephora, ulta, makeupalley).  

Consensus of reviews agreed gals with medium to dark skin-tones might not love this palette as colors are fairly light and can tend to make eyelids look "frosted" or "chalky." However, there are good reviews from all skin-tones. But for all you fair-skinned girls- undoubtedly a collection staple; and only $27.

If you have never purchased NAKED before and can only choose one, go with NAKED1 if you are warm-toned or have a richer skin tone, and go with NAKED2 if you are cool-toned and/or have very fair skin. Even if you are fair skinned with a warm skintone, NAKED2 has shades to cover. Go with NAKED3(Matte) if you are fairer and warm or cool-toned and don't want too much shimmer, or to compliment either of the first two palettes.

Click here to see at Sephora, $27.

This palette creates a fantastic base for any look.  :)