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Ideas | Hand Made Photo Frame Gift Idea

Valentine's Day is almost here, hooray!!! Here's an idea for a unique, hand-made gift.

You will need:
  • magazines
  • scissors
  • frame (5x7 works great)
  • regular glue stick
  • shipping tape
  • flat surface to work on
Cut out thoughtful, descriptive, fun, sentimental words from old magazines. Start laying words down on frame as you go, to keep an idea of how much space is left to fill. Once the frame has enough words to your liking, arrange and glue each word with glue stick, working clock-wise around frame and layering. 

Once all words are taped down individually, go over each of the 4 sections of frame with one long strip of large tape (shipping), secure in back. Poke any bubbles with a pin and let sit overnight.   {enjoy!}