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Baby Keepsake Memory Box

Sometimes holding an object and feeling it's texture can link to a memory just as easily as a photograph. If you don't want your memories confined to photos and videos, here is an idea for a Baby Memory Keepsake Box.

ideas as keepsakes:
  • first bottle
  • special onesies/clothes
  • first church dress
  • newborn-sized diaper 
  • pacifier
  • special blanket
  • keepsake from baby shower
  • baby booties
  • outfit home from hospital
  • favorite toy
  • pictures of first year moments
  • a picture of mom and dad
  • letter from mom and dad
  • first pair of mittens
  • footprint copy

A Memory Box will preserve your baby's most important foundation-building memorabilia - first bottle, favorite toy, hospital footprints, special blanket, etc. Any box will do. I used a small, wonderfully soft pink box that was given to me as a birthday gift from my best friend. It's wonderful to have on a shelf where I can easily continue to fill with trinkets as they are outgrown. 

I wish I had a Memory Box from when I was a baby! But, alas. I'm making each of my children one...I even put a small can of formula in (emptied!), so they can compare in twenty years the nutrition info on the back. I just love the idea of everything being safe, together and fun to reminisce...